Pferdkraft Inc.

Engineers and Project Managers

About Us

Pferdkraft was created in 2006 out of a recognition that project delivery by means such as EPC and EPCM methodolologies, while a very good situation for the EPC and EPCM Service Providers, have gaps.


Who is the owner's and client's trusted advisor? Who looks after the owner's interests in terms of cost, quality and time? By bringing together a network of well seasoned experts in Cost, Risk, Design Management, Project Management processes and methodologies, Pferdkraft is able to address any or all aspects of a project, from concept to completion.


Have an existing project management group or are you setting up a new project management group within your own organization? Pferdkraft can assist with providing consulting services, coaching, mentoring, and advice for you and can assist in process development, peer reviews, and overall group development acting as your trusted advisor.


If you are an international, national or local owner/investor or developer, Pferdkraft is your Canadian resource for your project development needs.With extensive knowledge of the Canadian Infrastructure, Commercial, Residential  and Industrial marketplaces, Pferdkraft can represent your interests throughout your development program.


If your project team is 1 or 100, or your project or program is $10,000 or $10 billion, Pferdkraft can create a custom team from our network of experts to address your specific requirements.


We provide Engineering and moisture control expertise to the residential, commercial and industrial markets. These technical strengths, coupled with our extensive construction experience, provides considerable added value to our clients.