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Engineers and Project Managers

Engineering and Consulting Services

Our clients in the Residential, Light Commercial, and Light Industrial segments have specialized needs. Ever changing and enhanced code requirements and market demands place unique demands on these industry segments. Foundation and structural design for such elements as such as tall walls, special loading conditions due to new long span structural elements, etc. all require not only design expertise, but a field based practical knowledge of how it all goes together.


As a result of increased emphasis on major renovations to our existing housing stock, many homes are being completely re-built, load bearing walls removed, major additions and structural retrofits completed. To effectively design for these challenges, our staff has significant experience in both design and construction in the major renovation industry.


Many cities and municipalities are currently demanding Engineering design review and inspection of wall assemblies supporting manufactured or natural brick, masonry, or rock facades, with formal follow-up by use of "Form A" reports. As certified moisture control technicians, we have the experience and technical knowledge in providing these services.


With the introduction of energy efficient residential wall, roof and foundation assemblies, many early attempts at energy efficient design and construction have created moisture issues  within these assemblies. This has resulted in rot, mold and associated structural damage.


Our staff combines Engineering, Construction and Certified Moisture Control Technician expertise to provide our clients with inspection, design and management knowledge to assess and provide recommendations on remediation and structural re-construction.



Engineering Services:


 Our services include foundation and structural design, field reviews, design and field QA reviews for building envelope, manufactured and stone and masonry veneer systems.


Through our Associate network, we also provide Mechanical, Electrical and Geotechnical Engineering expertise to address all of your Engineering needs. 



Moisture Control Services:

Our services include plan and constructability reviews, on site failure investigations, and root cause determination for moisture issues, recommendations and follow up design and field services for remediation and re-construction of damaged structure.