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Pferdkraft’s signature project: Calgary Airport Authority International and Trans-Border Facility Expansion, exemplifies all of our services coming together to produce excellence in Program Delivery.

Pferdkraft contracted with AECOM Canada Inc., who is under contract to the Calgary Airport Authority for program management services for the expansion. Pferdkraft provided to AECOM the Program Manager that leds the development teams of the PM, Design Group, and the Construction Manager from the project's inception to March 2014. On Pferdkraft's departure, through 7 years of program evolution, the program remained on time and under budget. 




Some features of the International Facilities Project (IFP):

- $1.427 billion budget

- In-Service (Activation date) October 2015

- Five levels; 183,500 sq.m. (1,975,000 sq.ft.)

- 22 aircraft gates, capacity for 23

- 300 room hotel


The IFP is a highly sustainable building. Extensive research was undertaken to determine the best value solutions for sustainability for the building and its systems. Some of these features include:

            - 587 geothermal wells providing heat and cooling for the building

            - In-floor radiant heating tubing

- High performance building envelope incorporating double wall facades, high performance  

   glazing systems, skylights providing natural day-lighting.

-  LED lighting systems

- Low velocity heating and cooling systems

- De-centralized heating and cooling systems

- Rain water harvesting for non-potable water use