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Testimonials from our Clients and Associates

"Having worked with Pferdkraft, specifically Eric Krautheim, since 2007, I am happy to attest to his qualities as a leader and a project manager. Working to create a high-performance team environment for the Calgary Airport Authority's International Facilities Project, I've witnessed Eric's energy and commitment to the project and the people. He is discerning in selecting a team, looking for not just the technical expertise, but the ever important chemistry required for success. He is a bold leader, willing to stand up, speak up, and get things done. Eric considers ideas and contributions from many angles, and is a creative thinker himself. Throughout the span of this project, Eric is effectively managing multiple and complex relationships, while never losing sight of the target. His insight and sense of humour also make him a pleasure to work with!"


Morag Ritchie Executive Coaching Leadership Consulting

"Pferdkraft is a great company to work with.  As a contractor it's a huge advantage to have an engineer with vast knowledge of the industry, and the field experience to back it up!"


Jimmy Blindkilde





“Working with Eric Krautheim and Pferdkraft as Project Manager is a motivating experience that for us has always led to great results for our clients.  They approach projects in a holistic way, have a knack of seeing the big picture and empower design team members to do what they do best.  They lead projects in a way that fosters partnerships and brings out the best in all team members.”

       Rob Adamson Studio Managing Partner DIALOG Calgary January 2013


"Of all the critical decisions we had to make regarding the construction of our new playground, the wisest was engaging the services of Pferdkraft.  Eric Krautheim turned this complex, stressful and time-consuming project into a project that worked seamlessly in the background of my busy day.  I was consulted on important issues but the barrage of constant daily management details disappeared into Eric's capable hands.  I no longer had to worry about finding, hiring and managing capable contractors or of supervising the technical issues of construction or even of worrying whether the work undertaken met the specifications or the detailed budget.  All the stress and worry evaporated and I could concentrate on the big picture.  I unreservedly recommend Pferdkraft and their team for any construction project, large or small"

     Victoria Bradbury, Director of Finance and Operations, Lycee Louis Pasteur, Calgary, Alberta